I predict Albert Einstein ; I will meet.

Oh Albert Einstein , how I have always adored thee –


Lately, I have been considering time travel – as I ponder the wonders, opportunities and beauty of it.


“People think of time travel as something as fiction,” says Tippett. “And we tend to think it’s not possible because we don’t actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible.”


In 1915 Albert Einstein announced his theory of general relativity, stating that gravitational fields are caused by distortions in the fabric of space and time.


More than 100 years later, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration – an international team of physics institutes and research groups – announced the detection of gravitational waves generated by colliding black holes billions of lightyears away, confirming Einstein’s theory.


If this doesn’t blow you away, as it did for us – then you have a problem – or a problem in believing in magic, I mean math.

We are only kidding, ( in case you aren’t around with us as often, as humor keeps our day light and fruity fresh & we take that serious for fulfillment ) with you on the problem, as you would not have a problem either way – to each their own beliefs, eh?

However our conclusion and our prayers may have been answered…


Why?  Even if we can’t really teleport with time travel on over to 3 decades ago or to last week… More so, because we should feel enchanted and fixed to study – “Studying space-time is both fascinating and problematic. And it’s also a fun way to use math and physics. “

We are so allured by this idea, for possible 2017 or in the years to come, either way if you like space and time , mister Al Einstein and his radical theories then head on over to where our source and spark of interest came from —

The real scoop on this article and in full – check out our source from Sciencedaily.com, below and head on over now, for in which they have the juicy content.

Have a great day friends, as always –

From our galaxy to yours,

Bayleaftechnologies –







Algorithm, that follows into our time.



Before the time of our ever evolving AI, there was the earliest deep learning like algorithms.

That had multiple layers of non linear features, that can be traced back to Alexey Grigoryevich, as one of the antecedent’s of this algorithm and as we had spoke of him yesterday, who used thin but deep models with polynomial activation functions which analyzed with statistical methods.

In each layer, they selected the best features through statistical methods and forwarded them to the next layer. So, with that we have the first and earliest network and that was, Convolutional neural networks → uses convolutional layers that filter inputs for useful information. These convolutional layers have parameters that are learned so that these filters are adjusted automatically to extract the most useful information for the task at hand, wowza, all we thought, is let’s get a peek into this…

We found an original video for you and If you already haven’t checked out that video from ’93, above, check it out, now.  Shoot, this is right about the time I had came about.

As far as we have came and will evolve with the algorithms, for AI, we will always be inspired as to where the beginning began.

We hope you are equally inspired, as we are and hope you are thrilled to ride along with us into our mini series with the thought of the  intriguing ‘deep learning’ and as to why it is all of the significance and why it will get better.

Follow along on our journey from the past and into 2017,

From our galaxy to yours,





There is a father of all,  In to which there is a creator, curator and creative Intellect, in which the beginnings, begin.

Alexey G

As we begun the history on deep learning, naturally, as that is the best part of the story, from where the beginning began, we must tell…

Deep Learning, has a creative antecedent, as this would be a gentleman and his name was Alexey Grigoryevich, oh, so suave name there sir.

As he was a Ukraine, Russian Empire – well then; we shall start with that. I may think to myself,  ‘dream boat,’ naturally, as I am a lady and beyond intrigued to the sounds of an Empire, I mean, fairly why would we not crave the intellectual beings, though, as we all are, truly and yes, no high pedestal here, for mister Empire, I know.

He was a soviet and Ukrainian mathematician and he was most famous for developing the Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH), a method of inductive statistical learning.The first general, working learning algorithm for supervised deep feed forward multi layer perceptrons was published by this mister, Alexey, himself in 1965.

These ideas were implemented in a computer identification system “Alpha”, which demonstrated the learning process. Other Deep Learning working architectures, specifically those built from artificial neural networks (ANN), date back to the Neocognitron introduced by Kunihiko Fukushima in 1980.

A G deep

Alexey, was an outstanding scientist in the field of automatic control, cybernetics and informatics, whose scientific results have received a worldwide recognition. He has developed new principles and devices for automatic control of speed of electric engines and for computing of systems with magnetic amplifiers. He has also written the first domestic monograph on technical cybernetics which was republished abroad several times.  Boy oh, boy,  ‘mister empire,’ I guess we can praise you for a moment.

The main brainchild of Alexey, was the Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH),  which is actively developing as a method of inductive modelling and forecasting of complex processes and systems and In 1984.  The collective monograph of American and Japanese scientists with the delineation and examples of effective application of GMDH in various applied areas was published in the USA. Even dozens of publications on the subject of GMDH appear each year in scientific magazines of the world and on the websites in Internet.

To capture all of this scientific, methodological, GMHD information, know that this is not permitted entirely to your understanding or may it be, just as we love a beautiful back story and a good one for mad inspiration as to our understanding on the deep learning, and where he or she was sourced from. I say he or she as ‘ deep learning’ is a being too, right?

I found all of his work rather charming, beyond brilliant myself and the information I read upon perspicacious.

The biggest thing for us, with this article and in going to one single man, vs. starting with facts and other information that could have been distributed, was that our first reason, was in knowing, that to find answers and or better inspiration, is to lie with the deep root of our source and to being inspired by that alone. This and that deep root, was behind deep learning, as the man of it all, well he was not the only human, just one in which we looked at, to start.

Alexey Ivakhnenko serves as an example of scientist with a heightened sense of novelty and outstanding scientific intuition.

If I could be more fulfilled and hungry for learning more than with this gentleman’s achievements, and to further my knowledge on deep learning, then I will start here.

If you would like more information, a taste more on his academics, or any other ways of contribution to our society, to deep learning, look at our source list there.

Follow along, on our ride of deep learning and all of it’s spectacular ways into our universe.

From our galaxy to yours,








Continually evolving and better than ever we are, with such mad creations in our technology, in AI and in Deep learning.    explosiveWith this ever evolving of the technology and to the evolution of our days as humans, we can not cease this kind of nature, this we forget, how fast the days go, the years past, technology prevails and here we are.  Unbelievable, it’s 2017.

As unbelievable as this, you are here, alive and we have you in mind.

We want to share our infatuation on Deep learning.

spectaluarWhat is deep learning?

Beyond the classic, AI, imagine, it goes beyond.

It can be used to solve any general-purpose pattern-recognition problem, which means that any activity that has access to large amounts of data can find it useful.

Deep learning is a broader level of machine learning. Besides the promising aspects of deep learning as it is replacing more features, for efficient algorithms to be unsupervised…


A taste as this, makes us wanting more.

With AI making waves bigger than we know into our future, it seems easy to think as their may be an end to some provisions, or just the beginning for us in our time.

Follow along for our short series into our new found love.

What’s yours?  

We mean in the AI, regard.


From our leaf to yours,




Artificial Intelligence.

As we are heading into the future and now in 2017,  it will be inevitable to know that AI, will be coming up more and more in notable ways and it is something that we too, indeed should look more into and consider that Artificial Intelligence, will be indeed, needed and being apart of the future and maybe for our very own environments to consider? Not in all environments and senses, no, though some would be considerably supportive to know of what AI truly offers vs. Human Intelligence. In a way, to know the certainty it could be for us and truly how vital she may be into helping our world prosper more beautifully.

Sometimes in the infrastructure, it may happen that  ‘the time’  we have slips away, ‘training’ takes longer than expected and ‘money’ is needed in certain areas, that has been put into or towards what already exists. For not considering AI, much myself, I believe AI is more powerful, can not only help our ever evolving universe in ways I can not imagine, though prove to be more leading in just this sense ( a story we will be sharing with you ) for such an infrastructure that is in need of AI and would be substantially wise for our future. Whether you want to take part in believing so or not yourself?

We would like you to take a look at this wonderful story about, Pluto, an AI for smart water management and how they raised such a beautiful 2.1 million, to bring intelligence to water treatment. I know, right? Water, is that one thing I do not consider much, as though I just assume, like the stars, both will just be and show up everyday…

To assume we have endless amounts of water and truly take that for granted or as the stars, for myself. If in such ways, in such intellectual beings, such as Pluto ( the water management AI ), to help out in conserving our lovely planet , saving money and time, oh and our sanity and this could be less depleting to our selves as the human intellect.

Why not AI? For miraculous ways,  to still feel inspired in the day to day, with nature and in humans creation with such outstanding artificial intelligence.

Here is a taste into this article, we speak of, Pluto. For more entailed inspiration and a link to further read,  read right below this piece, from the straight article.

“The good news for Pluto is that its market isn’t limited to municipal water treatment plants. Large beverage producers, manufacturers and power companies all use copious amounts of water that need management. Joshi explains that while the cost of water is low, it’s a proxy for asset failure, which is why these businesses are willing to pony up for expensive sensors and data analytics solutions like Pluto.”



Thanks Techcrunch, always inspired.

From our leaf to yours,








jeff bezos

From one state to the next, we will get closer to where you long to be, must be.

Finding a place where your personal or business life belongs is significant

and could be more powerful as it is all of the significance to our place in this world and how we will tell our story and when we decide to understand the significance of this.

We want you to come to us and trust in us, while we take it into our hands of service and in experience, we will flourish your greatest dreams and needs, and further that into life. In the area where you crave, is in where we support and in hold the solution.

IT support : to the education, guidance, awareness, and even in knowing of the significance to properly securing and defending against the threats of the untrustworthy for your devices or of personal security.

Digital Marketing : to back up your family with the right tools and to the strategic planning in order to begin transforming the story, that is already being told and bringing that to life, once again and ever so more stronger and further.

We are here to tell the story; not just of ourselves, of yours. For the betterment to transform and to discover what is needing to be told and what must be. We are here to transform and lead; for the personal, the family, the company and brand goals toward the dream you have longed for.

The friend we are, in transforming you, with what we got in evolving.


From our leaf to yours,




abe lincoln

In all the ways of the world, our utmost place to be our most true self and to offer this away, into further existence, will be through our integrity. We carry this from within and away to you.

To appear with certainty and maybe of not knowing, while continually attending as one’s self with the best spirit in mind, we will flourish not just as our own authentic self, to all, all will need, the grit we carry from within that no one else holds.

One of my favorites, a noble man with such integrity, Abraham Lincoln, you always say it well.

be a good one

A good one, being : delighted, determined, enthused, energetic, attentive and authentic.  A good one being: one for the team, team player, the leader and the conclusion. However we must look at the meaning of such integrity and how we feel it means to our personal self, just look at Mr. Abraham’s words or to which we make it our own. It’s simple. Show up with your best self in mind and as your self and full of happiness. I believe everything else will follow with that one.

From our Leaf to yours always,

We will show up to the assignment, the agenda according to your day, with our brightest senses and we could not offer to you anything more true than in our true integrity.








In the workings of our accomplishments, we must have assets and values to hold and lean on to, such as proper tools, statistics, passion, ethics and maybe the gaining from the knowledge of our kindred and this may be a few.

We must have a few that are core, relevant and top, to take ourselves there and to take us to the nitty-gritty end.

When it comes to getting the work completed here, at Bayleaf, we think what else could be more valuable than in our assets or of any that may be relevant to the job? Notwithstanding, what we know may be necessary to carry and is needed. For us, truly, what else could be contributed to the assets than in already knowing what may be our core assets?

There is no other way than knowing and knowing with instinct.

To be honest, It’s Instinct and that in itself.

Instinct : With your better judgement from within, to decipher regardless in that first response and of not knowing, though having to know and promptly, what is appropriate or may not be logical to others, though all with efficiency in mind and to truly go with that inner gut.

Instinct, will be your secret; the inner source for the better judgement to all or sometimes for yourself.

There is importance with our inner instinct and to knowing the real importance of it. This instinct of ours is all of the importance; with bringing not only our assets and values to the table, to being the leader in your team or to just understanding how and when to take the initiative with the instinct, because your instinct is vital, for not just us, to all and the entirety.

At Bayleaf, we follow not just the heard to the end, we follow our own inner guy or gal, and that is where we are different. We are working differently and individually, all with ourselves and in mind of each other, ultimately. This is what makes us on top, makes us leaders, innovators and in this, this is our best asset we can bring to you: instinctual response.

Follow our work. Follow our story. We carry the instincts.

From our leaf to yours,



St. Patrick, would approve.

lucky you are

For the next upcoming week, we will be show casing some of our favorite online websites and blogs, not only because we adore them, though for some office inspiration because who doesn’t need motivational ideas or some lighthearted-ness to keep our minds and office space burning right during our weeks of winter…or any season really…

Earlier this week we already shared the webpage themuse.com referenced with the post

( like MIND)  in regard to their site, check it out if you already haven’t!

Nevertheless, there are a million ways to be inspired with finding it here or there, I am coming to realize my favorite place is, and one where I am trying to recognize more, is that our inspiration, is right before us and beside us. Let’s be inspired today, with the gal or guy right next to us because this is were we are, and ever so present let’s be.

Here is a list we found to break up our work moments, share these with the peeps around and maybe try some new traditions.


P.s. Hey, thanks Bustle.com, for being a great source of truth. Side note, do you think St. Patrick would approve of the list… ?  I think so.

From our leaf to yours,


Like CORE.




As solid as a core, as this company is our core, we strive for more than in what lies, as the ‘attendance’ in our day to day…

With knowing that there is significance to our attendance and the knowing of our proper roles that must be present, though  we desire more, to be, be more of the dream. This will start with our main kindred and how we work together.

We will be the dream team and succeed not with just our roles in action, it will be in our  back and bones, in our core and it will be there, that we will carry out the dream.

We are core for completion and creation.

We are core for growth and grit.

As we not only attend to each other with core elements and ideas to build up our foundation, at BayLeaf we long to be the supplemental core in your life as well, as your IT support, as your tech guru, anything really that we can assist to, to contribute to your computer, to your core, we will and it will start with our core here at BayleafTechnlogies.

Always, from our leaf to yours,