Despaired by the collectivism in the work place? Read further for the inspiration and attendance of team collaboration and, of course individuality.


Attending the work space in collectivism, seems appealing, though we were not designed for collectivism but for collaboration. Must we long for the entity of you and your individuality to contribute to the entirety, versus the collective.

Let’s speak of your corporation, or even let’s say your computer…

In the depths and the desperation of a computers relationship with it’s applications, software, to rely and allow each to play it’s proper and creative role, as it gives freedom to do it’s job, as the entity.

We belong and long for, for this reason alone; For the creative empowerment and collaboration of one entity for the entirety. Towards our collaboration in our corporation, as the computer software relationship stand point , or any endeavor’s significant collaborative point, we need to stand strong as the entity.

We must implement this into our faculty, computers, and for the betterment and development towards our amenity. Shall we allow this contribution for our company and more importantly to the attendance, as the creative individual.

I only hope we attend this work week and every, as the maverick.

Consider your attendance, not as trivial but with the notion of we want to subsume all of you.  So alluring are your senses, expertise, and as the maverick, we covet you.

Shall we, as the leaders, implement this into our work place?

Here’s, some further inspiration for the collaborative maverick on your team from the INC,


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