When will we learn to seriously, seriously, get on our a-game with the security of not only our devices, even more so, considering the security of our passwords?

It’s not the once , but twice, oh and three times, you been hacked, that you decide to learn…  And not even in this particular case, with all things, that we learn after several times… Well I can say this for myself at least. In all sincerity,  this may be due to my lack and interest of considering a complex password and having other flimsy excuses.

Now working with technicians on a day to day basis, I suppose I am being forced to consider my security, more earnestly.

Everyday we deal with computers that are unsecured. How are they unsecured, why? Improperly installed and out of date software, not keeping the computer up to date, ad clicking, unsecured WiFi access and transmission, lack of unsecured passwords… the list goes on…

All we have to say, first things first, let’s start with something as simple and bright as this, creating a beautiful password.


So, let’s get started.

Must you need complex and individuality for each one. Yes, having a different password for each account is advised, as in the case a hacker gets that ‘one’ password and boom, he’s in your account, all of them and your done.

Start with complexity, shall it be…

Wait.What if I can never remember intensely ridiculous passwords, or quite frankly even simple ones?  Oh, shoot. And what, if I have a million different accounts?

Alright, alright. Hold it. We got the answer….

First, getting a password manager. Then we shall start with the creation of all our passwords, to combat these little ninja hackers. So, with that, we found you a source with such beautiful informative programs, compatible for all the different devices.

Follow this link below and let’s find you a password manager that’ll rock your world.

P.s. It’s a slamming list. Oh, and we love the HackerNews.


Have a great day, Ya’ll.


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