While working with such specialized people, I don’t just recognize and look for their intelligence or humor in their everyday attendance.

I notice more to their presence…

There is something a little more significant towards the attendance of our job, than just attending to our job as the job.

For I can’t attend to a job without the purpose and then the passion…

As a human, we long for that purpose and passion. With no meaning or a feeling of significance, we tend toward a despair rather than a desire for the attendance. For in this place and time of our life, as this role and in this current state, where can you find your role’s significance and how could it be more significant? More so, what would drive you to attend with that purpose and passion, if it does so lack in this current role and state of mind?

I do not desire today or any day, to just show up and do a job, as a job. As, I may have done before.

Consider something, as this may be your mind-set:

I show up, because I want to and in believing I am here to better the whole and to each individual. As well, to showcase this product and extend the meaning of it towards you, or to be of service in an area as you need it. To be your host. Thinking about my role as ‘want to’ and not ‘have to,’ as I am not doing a job as the job itself,  but I am delighted and I desire to attend as that, for my job. This is significant because I have reason and purpose, which will lead to passion. Whether small or big your role, you are significant, purposeful and passionate.

If there was one thing you could think of in order to change your mindset towards your role, as it may be tedious, strenuous and mundane at times? What will be the mindset to spark your attendance truly, and passionately for the daily, for the entirety of us all?

One word that comes to mind for now, is this:



We ought out to seek for gratitude, and in our gratitude, we feel more significant, more purposeful and ultimately we will find we are more passionate in our field and in the end we will attract.

From Bayleaf, to yours.





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