Passion speaks not always from the words or actions but from what is being done and not seen; behind these doors, and below where he or she lies.

For if no one else but out of the goodness and great desire of our true sincerity, we hold it all and long to pass it towards you. At Bay Leaf, our power is in our passion.

When what is being done and done alone, versus being done with the power that comes with something that is being done, when in done with passion… There is a difference

Let’s use an example of two sales representatives. How effective are the two of let’s say: passionate vs. passionless, the work that is significantly put in between the two and what is the outcome of the two?

Do we fairly ever notice the attendance of the passionate compared to the passionless or vice versa? Can we identify the true passionate among the passionless?

May we not focus on so much of one or the other, though to the one that remains at his true stake in strengths because who can really say to he or she is the passionate or the passionless?

I came up with a couple of ways to hone into the individual strengths of our very own passion with a list and how to apply this for our best work, whether we are the passionate or the passionless.

The first thing to identifying some of our and maybe most passionate ways may be starting with a small strength building test…

Here is the list I created … to start…  write down every question and answer these for your affirmations, more so for the detecting, furthering of your passions while at work. This list will be for the passionate and to the making of the best team member as you are and for the betterment around you.

  1. Zone : Hone into your zone. When in the zone, ‘work mode’… where do you lean in on your ‘work mode’ the most?  Ex. The building of a relationship with a customer, selling the product with your knowledge, sharing ideas with others… You know, the thing that excites you the most while working. How can you hone into your zone?
  2. Zero: Knock out that zero. When your brain is notta, nothing, zilch. Where does your thoughts wander and turn to most? How can you apply these thoughts to work or not at all…? Try turning your thoughts into related thoughts, of growth, community or of significance to your sales. Encouraging thoughts will turn our nothingness into something more significant.
  3. Zany : Keep it zany, simple. Being eccentric is the key to your individuality and most importantly it will substantially allow the passion to shrine through. What would you say makes you quirky or that is a characteristic that would help pull your work  load through to completion and to making it more original… or you know, for more sales? Whatever works, just keep it zany.
  4. Zest: Breath it in darling, and forget to zombify. What keeps you high spirited during the day? What could embrace the zest during the 9-5 or how could you encourage others zest to shine through?
  5. Vision: Never loose insight to your insides. Don’t be subdued to the state of your  mind. What is the vision that keeps you going?  Don’t have any? Share the insight, sharing really any ideas with others will help lead to your best vision, and of course to allow that best passion to shine through.                                                                                                                            We will make up a million reasons not to succeed, due to fears and ultimately the lack of our passions. Remembering what can be the significance to your purpose, is with the passion you choose to let shine through and more so to carry out to others. Suppose we help others with these passionate ideas, to lead the passionless, to the passionate.                                                                                                                                                                             From our Leaf, to yours.                                                                                                                        -BLG

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