With Bay leaf moving forward in the right direction of expanding and moving to another location, your greatest desires of Complete Tech Support are now extended, and as always we are assisting further than just in your major IT problems. We desire more than being your IT support but an extended family. For support, guidance and to gain knowledge yourself, as one of us.  Of course we would like not only to offer such things but to share a secret with you as well, from our company to yours: don’t forget the grace.

Working with you as our client, as it is our duty to understand not only the nature of your computer but to the better understanding of you, to flourish all your great needs, we consider you as our grace.

What does grace mean to us as a company?

Patrick : The knowledge and willingness to lead our consumers to our knowledge base that will improve their lives through implementation of education and customer service.

Peter : Grace is the born willingness in people to help others. To genuinely want to help people and expect nothing in return. Our company exhibits grace by helping people no matter age, race or circumstance. We will find a way to make it work for people so they are never unhappy when we are done, because we don’t stop working until you are happy.

This week, follow grace inside our company and always,

From our Leaf to yours,







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