grace shows up

I fear the day that we may crash, as we are burnt out with an abundance of labor. Sometimes we might think to our self, why are we here? What do we do exactly and what is the significance of attending? Only may we be thinking like this, in the times of drudgery, right?

We must desire to put in the efforts. To carry a passion, keep that light that will still burn; that we must. This is not for everyone, though for the brave, passionate and gracious to continually show up, despite the hardships and major set backs. In moments of doubt and fear, what is the comeback? At one point or another we hit this, unimaginative state, right?

So, to our comeback? This is, in the point, where we must not only turn to our hope in our selves and in one another, of truly showing up as the stake, as our part. There will be a point of feeling the ‘not no how’ and of course drudgery that eventually pulls us down.

The only thing that comes to mind first for myself and to have the power to trudge through and miraculously, would be acknowledging the grace; this will carry along, as long as we do.

Here is an inside moment, from one of our sales representatives, when asked of what grace may be. I believe it was said well . .

Victor : Grace, in the sense to me means, being able to stand up as your own person and smile in the face of a difficult situation. To be hopeful of a positive outcome while quite possibly facing a negative one. That is graceful. Our company holds the hope of helping people and fixing their technology and computer issues, all while genuinely taking care of the customer. That is grace.

As Victor, has well said it. We show up. No matter what. Whether a negative thing happens or not. Or we doubt that it may. To standing up as your own person and fear not the judgement of others and through playing your role, continually and with grace in mind.

Continually and always, we are bringing grace to you and your company,

From our Leaf to yours,



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