Jim Rose: A Dance of Character, Success, and Consistency.

flawless grace

More times than not we give up on something, right at the point it was about to flourish, reveal itself and in that light, that was about to shine, it was right there and one step further. If only we knew, it was right there…?

You wouldn’t have known, how would you? So why on earth do we ever decide to stop, after how long we have came, when and why did we ever decide at that moment, after all, this is it, this is enough?

I am famous for this. When I have called it quits, I suppose I did not know of how much farther I really had to go… either way that’s not the point. Maybe it is in this point, state of time, we must evaluate whether what is the end goal, final destination and drive to even begun and end? And do you still desire to give up?

There is a way of telling. It’s knowing whether you believe in something enough and have that spark, whether he or she is still alive with maybe grace, to continue on, to pursue and show up religiously with the failing and off set moves that will get in the way and throw you back.

As one of our fellow and marvelous members of our team (the sales manager) has said of grace, when asked,  his supremely true answer : ” a dance of character, success and consistency….”

I believe in his statement.

And the rest will follow. Period.

Whether it’s after six hundred failing moves or just six. We will succeed, in due time without knowing how or when, with our high spirits we will, of never ending hope and grace and in the (work) consistency, that will be put inwards and outwards.

At Bayleaf, we are consistent and until the job is done and well, until your beaming with delight because you will not leave the sight of us until you are better than when you met us.

Oh and a reminder for us, in grace you are flawless.

From our leaf to yours,




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