d m psychology

As a spirit, thinking alike and longing  to create alike in mind,

we had longed for the same source, and the source was the Muse.

Having our community outside and  inside this office  to be the incentive and to thrive off of one another, we needed you, ( as our customer, colleague, friend ), as the muse. As more than just a creative influence, to make it through the undoing of a day, we will find a way to relate with not just you as our muse, though with the Muse.com… because they know the good stuff for our brain.

As sedentary may also be apart of our job and of being inside all day, working with and on the computers, this can be a downfall.. as in mentally draining at the end of the work day. Don’t worry, this will not be our set back. We wouldn’t change our job for the world .

One, of my personal favorites from The Muse.com, they shared a couple ways to keep our mental spirits a little more high spirited with their lovely list, check it out here,


Always we think with you in mind, as our customer and of our own inner workings and knowing the power that comes with such sources… What could get us through more, than with the muse.

From our leaf to yours,




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