lucky you are

For the next upcoming week, we will be show casing some of our favorite online websites and blogs, not only because we adore them, though for some office inspiration because who doesn’t need motivational ideas or some lighthearted-ness to keep our minds and office space burning right during our weeks of winter…or any season really…

Earlier this week we already shared the webpage referenced with the post

( like MIND)  in regard to their site, check it out if you already haven’t!

Nevertheless, there are a million ways to be inspired with finding it here or there, I am coming to realize my favorite place is, and one where I am trying to recognize more, is that our inspiration, is right before us and beside us. Let’s be inspired today, with the gal or guy right next to us because this is were we are, and ever so present let’s be.

Here is a list we found to break up our work moments, share these with the peeps around and maybe try some new traditions.

P.s. Hey, thanks, for being a great source of truth. Side note, do you think St. Patrick would approve of the list… ?  I think so.

From our leaf to yours,



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