abe lincoln

In all the ways of the world, our utmost place to be our most true self and to offer this away, into further existence, will be through our integrity. We carry this from within and away to you.

To appear with certainty and maybe of not knowing, while continually attending as one’s self with the best spirit in mind, we will flourish not just as our own authentic self, to all, all will need, the grit we carry from within that no one else holds.

One of my favorites, a noble man with such integrity, Abraham Lincoln, you always say it well.

be a good one

A good one, being : delighted, determined, enthused, energetic, attentive and authentic.  A good one being: one for the team, team player, the leader and the conclusion. However we must look at the meaning of such integrity and how we feel it means to our personal self, just look at Mr. Abraham’s words or to which we make it our own. It’s simple. Show up with your best self in mind and as your self and full of happiness. I believe everything else will follow with that one.

From our Leaf to yours always,

We will show up to the assignment, the agenda according to your day, with our brightest senses and we could not offer to you anything more true than in our true integrity.







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