As we are heading into the future and now in 2017,  it will be inevitable to know that AI, will be coming up more and more in notable ways and it is something that we too, indeed should look more into and consider that Artificial Intelligence, will be indeed, needed and being apart of the future and maybe for our very own environments to consider? Not in all environments and senses, no, though some would be considerably supportive to know of what AI truly offers vs. Human Intelligence. In a way, to know the certainty it could be for us and truly how vital she may be into helping our world prosper more beautifully.

Sometimes in the infrastructure, it may happen that  ‘the time’  we have slips away, ‘training’ takes longer than expected and ‘money’ is needed in certain areas, that has been put into or towards what already exists. For not considering AI, much myself, I believe AI is more powerful, can not only help our ever evolving universe in ways I can not imagine, though prove to be more leading in just this sense ( a story we will be sharing with you ) for such an infrastructure that is in need of AI and would be substantially wise for our future. Whether you want to take part in believing so or not yourself?

We would like you to take a look at this wonderful story about, Pluto, an AI for smart water management and how they raised such a beautiful 2.1 million, to bring intelligence to water treatment. I know, right? Water, is that one thing I do not consider much, as though I just assume, like the stars, both will just be and show up everyday…

To assume we have endless amounts of water and truly take that for granted or as the stars, for myself. If in such ways, in such intellectual beings, such as Pluto ( the water management AI ), to help out in conserving our lovely planet , saving money and time, oh and our sanity and this could be less depleting to our selves as the human intellect.

Why not AI? For miraculous ways,  to still feel inspired in the day to day, with nature and in humans creation with such outstanding artificial intelligence.

Here is a taste into this article, we speak of, Pluto. For more entailed inspiration and a link to further read,  read right below this piece, from the straight article.

“The good news for Pluto is that its market isn’t limited to municipal water treatment plants. Large beverage producers, manufacturers and power companies all use copious amounts of water that need management. Joshi explains that while the cost of water is low, it’s a proxy for asset failure, which is why these businesses are willing to pony up for expensive sensors and data analytics solutions like Pluto.”


Thanks Techcrunch, always inspired.

From our leaf to yours,








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