Continually evolving and better than ever we are, with such mad creations in our technology, in AI and in Deep learning.    explosiveWith this ever evolving of the technology and to the evolution of our days as humans, we can not cease this kind of nature, this we forget, how fast the days go, the years past, technology prevails and here we are.  Unbelievable, it’s 2017.

As unbelievable as this, you are here, alive and we have you in mind.

We want to share our infatuation on Deep learning.

spectaluarWhat is deep learning?

Beyond the classic, AI, imagine, it goes beyond.

It can be used to solve any general-purpose pattern-recognition problem, which means that any activity that has access to large amounts of data can find it useful.

Deep learning is a broader level of machine learning. Besides the promising aspects of deep learning as it is replacing more features, for efficient algorithms to be unsupervised…


A taste as this, makes us wanting more.

With AI making waves bigger than we know into our future, it seems easy to think as their may be an end to some provisions, or just the beginning for us in our time.

Follow along for our short series into our new found love.

What’s yours?  

We mean in the AI, regard.


From our leaf to yours,





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