Like MIND.

d m psychology

As a spirit, thinking alike and longing  to create alike in mind,

we had longed for the same source, and the source was the Muse.

Having our community outside and  inside this office  to be the incentive and to thrive off of one another, we needed you, ( as our customer, colleague, friend ), as the muse. As more than just a creative influence, to make it through the undoing of a day, we will find a way to relate with not just you as our muse, though with the… because they know the good stuff for our brain.

As sedentary may also be apart of our job and of being inside all day, working with and on the computers, this can be a downfall.. as in mentally draining at the end of the work day. Don’t worry, this will not be our set back. We wouldn’t change our job for the world .

One, of my personal favorites from The, they shared a couple ways to keep our mental spirits a little more high spirited with their lovely list, check it out here,

Always we think with you in mind, as our customer and of our own inner workings and knowing the power that comes with such sources… What could get us through more, than with the muse.

From our leaf to yours,




Acting flawless will be our grace.

Jim Rose: A Dance of Character, Success, and Consistency.

flawless grace

More times than not we give up on something, right at the point it was about to flourish, reveal itself and in that light, that was about to shine, it was right there and one step further. If only we knew, it was right there…?

You wouldn’t have known, how would you? So why on earth do we ever decide to stop, after how long we have came, when and why did we ever decide at that moment, after all, this is it, this is enough?

I am famous for this. When I have called it quits, I suppose I did not know of how much farther I really had to go… either way that’s not the point. Maybe it is in this point, state of time, we must evaluate whether what is the end goal, final destination and drive to even begun and end? And do you still desire to give up?

There is a way of telling. It’s knowing whether you believe in something enough and have that spark, whether he or she is still alive with maybe grace, to continue on, to pursue and show up religiously with the failing and off set moves that will get in the way and throw you back.

As one of our fellow and marvelous members of our team (the sales manager) has said of grace, when asked,  his supremely true answer : ” a dance of character, success and consistency….”

I believe in his statement.

And the rest will follow. Period.

Whether it’s after six hundred failing moves or just six. We will succeed, in due time without knowing how or when, with our high spirits we will, of never ending hope and grace and in the (work) consistency, that will be put inwards and outwards.

At Bayleaf, we are consistent and until the job is done and well, until your beaming with delight because you will not leave the sight of us until you are better than when you met us.

Oh and a reminder for us, in grace you are flawless.

From our leaf to yours,



Grace will carry along, as long as you will.

grace shows up

I fear the day that we may crash, as we are burnt out with an abundance of labor. Sometimes we might think to our self, why are we here? What do we do exactly and what is the significance of attending? Only may we be thinking like this, in the times of drudgery, right?

We must desire to put in the efforts. To carry a passion, keep that light that will still burn; that we must. This is not for everyone, though for the brave, passionate and gracious to continually show up, despite the hardships and major set backs. In moments of doubt and fear, what is the comeback? At one point or another we hit this, unimaginative state, right?

So, to our comeback? This is, in the point, where we must not only turn to our hope in our selves and in one another, of truly showing up as the stake, as our part. There will be a point of feeling the ‘not no how’ and of course drudgery that eventually pulls us down.

The only thing that comes to mind first for myself and to have the power to trudge through and miraculously, would be acknowledging the grace; this will carry along, as long as we do.

Here is an inside moment, from one of our sales representatives, when asked of what grace may be. I believe it was said well . .

Victor : Grace, in the sense to me means, being able to stand up as your own person and smile in the face of a difficult situation. To be hopeful of a positive outcome while quite possibly facing a negative one. That is graceful. Our company holds the hope of helping people and fixing their technology and computer issues, all while genuinely taking care of the customer. That is grace.

As Victor, has well said it. We show up. No matter what. Whether a negative thing happens or not. Or we doubt that it may. To standing up as your own person and fear not the judgement of others and through playing your role, continually and with grace in mind.

Continually and always, we are bringing grace to you and your company,

From our Leaf to yours,


Our purpose will be our grace



With Bay leaf moving forward in the right direction of expanding and moving to another location, your greatest desires of Complete Tech Support are now extended, and as always we are assisting further than just in your major IT problems. We desire more than being your IT support but an extended family. For support, guidance and to gain knowledge yourself, as one of us.  Of course we would like not only to offer such things but to share a secret with you as well, from our company to yours: don’t forget the grace.

Working with you as our client, as it is our duty to understand not only the nature of your computer but to the better understanding of you, to flourish all your great needs, we consider you as our grace.

What does grace mean to us as a company?

Patrick : The knowledge and willingness to lead our consumers to our knowledge base that will improve their lives through implementation of education and customer service.

Peter : Grace is the born willingness in people to help others. To genuinely want to help people and expect nothing in return. Our company exhibits grace by helping people no matter age, race or circumstance. We will find a way to make it work for people so they are never unhappy when we are done, because we don’t stop working until you are happy.

This week, follow grace inside our company and always,

From our Leaf to yours,






Our purpose will be our power



You have a purpose.

You have a passion.

We long for a time to come when we can recognize that there is such power in our purpose, in our passion, and where it may reside.

May it be in the power of voice, innovation, devotion, to be of aid to your peers, or of any sorts?

To differentiate that power will be your leading factor to your next level of success. With your success you will not only contribute to your own personal gratification, but to all.

What lies as purpose, holds as passion and in that passion will lie your power

At Bay Leaf, we will always carry our greatest mission and that is to be our utmost powerful through our mission; our purpose is in our passion for you.


From our Leaf, to yours.



Our purpose will be our passion

Passion speaks not always from the words or actions but from what is being done and not seen; behind these doors, and below where he or she lies.

For if no one else but out of the goodness and great desire of our true sincerity, we hold it all and long to pass it towards you. At Bay Leaf, our power is in our passion.

When what is being done and done alone, versus being done with the power that comes with something that is being done, when in done with passion… There is a difference

Let’s use an example of two sales representatives. How effective are the two of let’s say: passionate vs. passionless, the work that is significantly put in between the two and what is the outcome of the two?

Do we fairly ever notice the attendance of the passionate compared to the passionless or vice versa? Can we identify the true passionate among the passionless?

May we not focus on so much of one or the other, though to the one that remains at his true stake in strengths because who can really say to he or she is the passionate or the passionless?

I came up with a couple of ways to hone into the individual strengths of our very own passion with a list and how to apply this for our best work, whether we are the passionate or the passionless.

The first thing to identifying some of our and maybe most passionate ways may be starting with a small strength building test…

Here is the list I created … to start…  write down every question and answer these for your affirmations, more so for the detecting, furthering of your passions while at work. This list will be for the passionate and to the making of the best team member as you are and for the betterment around you.

  1. Zone : Hone into your zone. When in the zone, ‘work mode’… where do you lean in on your ‘work mode’ the most?  Ex. The building of a relationship with a customer, selling the product with your knowledge, sharing ideas with others… You know, the thing that excites you the most while working. How can you hone into your zone?
  2. Zero: Knock out that zero. When your brain is notta, nothing, zilch. Where does your thoughts wander and turn to most? How can you apply these thoughts to work or not at all…? Try turning your thoughts into related thoughts, of growth, community or of significance to your sales. Encouraging thoughts will turn our nothingness into something more significant.
  3. Zany : Keep it zany, simple. Being eccentric is the key to your individuality and most importantly it will substantially allow the passion to shrine through. What would you say makes you quirky or that is a characteristic that would help pull your work  load through to completion and to making it more original… or you know, for more sales? Whatever works, just keep it zany.
  4. Zest: Breath it in darling, and forget to zombify. What keeps you high spirited during the day? What could embrace the zest during the 9-5 or how could you encourage others zest to shine through?
  5. Vision: Never loose insight to your insides. Don’t be subdued to the state of your  mind. What is the vision that keeps you going?  Don’t have any? Share the insight, sharing really any ideas with others will help lead to your best vision, and of course to allow that best passion to shine through.                                                                                                                            We will make up a million reasons not to succeed, due to fears and ultimately the lack of our passions. Remembering what can be the significance to your purpose, is with the passion you choose to let shine through and more so to carry out to others. Suppose we help others with these passionate ideas, to lead the passionless, to the passionate.                                                                                                                                                                             From our Leaf, to yours.                                                                                                                        -BLG

Our purpose is with gratitude.

While working with such specialized people, I don’t just recognize and look for their intelligence or humor in their everyday attendance.

I notice more to their presence…

There is something a little more significant towards the attendance of our job, than just attending to our job as the job.

For I can’t attend to a job without the purpose and then the passion…

As a human, we long for that purpose and passion. With no meaning or a feeling of significance, we tend toward a despair rather than a desire for the attendance. For in this place and time of our life, as this role and in this current state, where can you find your role’s significance and how could it be more significant? More so, what would drive you to attend with that purpose and passion, if it does so lack in this current role and state of mind?

I do not desire today or any day, to just show up and do a job, as a job. As, I may have done before.

Consider something, as this may be your mind-set:

I show up, because I want to and in believing I am here to better the whole and to each individual. As well, to showcase this product and extend the meaning of it towards you, or to be of service in an area as you need it. To be your host. Thinking about my role as ‘want to’ and not ‘have to,’ as I am not doing a job as the job itself,  but I am delighted and I desire to attend as that, for my job. This is significant because I have reason and purpose, which will lead to passion. Whether small or big your role, you are significant, purposeful and passionate.

If there was one thing you could think of in order to change your mindset towards your role, as it may be tedious, strenuous and mundane at times? What will be the mindset to spark your attendance truly, and passionately for the daily, for the entirety of us all?

One word that comes to mind for now, is this:



We ought out to seek for gratitude, and in our gratitude, we feel more significant, more purposeful and ultimately we will find we are more passionate in our field and in the end we will attract.

From Bayleaf, to yours.




Password Ninja.

When will we learn to seriously, seriously, get on our a-game with the security of not only our devices, even more so, considering the security of our passwords?

It’s not the once , but twice, oh and three times, you been hacked, that you decide to learn…  And not even in this particular case, with all things, that we learn after several times… Well I can say this for myself at least. In all sincerity,  this may be due to my lack and interest of considering a complex password and having other flimsy excuses.

Now working with technicians on a day to day basis, I suppose I am being forced to consider my security, more earnestly.

Everyday we deal with computers that are unsecured. How are they unsecured, why? Improperly installed and out of date software, not keeping the computer up to date, ad clicking, unsecured WiFi access and transmission, lack of unsecured passwords… the list goes on…

All we have to say, first things first, let’s start with something as simple and bright as this, creating a beautiful password.


So, let’s get started.

Must you need complex and individuality for each one. Yes, having a different password for each account is advised, as in the case a hacker gets that ‘one’ password and boom, he’s in your account, all of them and your done.

Start with complexity, shall it be…

Wait.What if I can never remember intensely ridiculous passwords, or quite frankly even simple ones?  Oh, shoot. And what, if I have a million different accounts?

Alright, alright. Hold it. We got the answer….

First, getting a password manager. Then we shall start with the creation of all our passwords, to combat these little ninja hackers. So, with that, we found you a source with such beautiful informative programs, compatible for all the different devices.

Follow this link below and let’s find you a password manager that’ll rock your world.

P.s. It’s a slamming list. Oh, and we love the HackerNews.

Have a great day, Ya’ll.

Attendance for the maverick.

Despaired by the collectivism in the work place? Read further for the inspiration and attendance of team collaboration and, of course individuality.


Attending the work space in collectivism, seems appealing, though we were not designed for collectivism but for collaboration. Must we long for the entity of you and your individuality to contribute to the entirety, versus the collective.

Let’s speak of your corporation, or even let’s say your computer…

In the depths and the desperation of a computers relationship with it’s applications, software, to rely and allow each to play it’s proper and creative role, as it gives freedom to do it’s job, as the entity.

We belong and long for, for this reason alone; For the creative empowerment and collaboration of one entity for the entirety. Towards our collaboration in our corporation, as the computer software relationship stand point , or any endeavor’s significant collaborative point, we need to stand strong as the entity.

We must implement this into our faculty, computers, and for the betterment and development towards our amenity. Shall we allow this contribution for our company and more importantly to the attendance, as the creative individual.

I only hope we attend this work week and every, as the maverick.

Consider your attendance, not as trivial but with the notion of we want to subsume all of you.  So alluring are your senses, expertise, and as the maverick, we covet you.

Shall we, as the leaders, implement this into our work place?

Here’s, some further inspiration for the collaborative maverick on your team from the INC,